NYS Senator Eric Adams Holds a Press Conference to Donate Bullet Proof Vests to Members of the Boro Park Safety Patrol, In Response to Shooting of Three of the Group's Members

Eric Adams

September 08, 2010


On Monday, September 6,  New York State Senator Eric Adams (D, Brooklyn) held a press conference to announce the purchase of bullet proof vests for members of the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol (Boro Park Shomrim). The vests will provide additional protection to the volunteer safety group while it conducts its daily patrols in the Boro Park area. In a seven day period, Boro Park has suffered two separate shooting incidents, one involving a bank robbery and the latest resulting in gunshot injuries to three members of the Boro Park civilian patrol group.

 NYS Senator Eric Adams stated: “I visited one of the injured patrol members in the hospital; we must do everything we can to protect these brave men who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us from danger. A bullet proof vest cannot guarantee safety, but it may save a life.

 “The Boro Park safety patrol is named Shomrim because that word is the Hebrew for guardians; the individuals who comprise the volunteer civilian safety patrols are true stewards of their community, serving as vigilant eyes and ears for the residents and working in conjunction with the NYPD to promote a secure neighborhood environment. The Shomrim risk their own security in their valiant effort to protect their fellow citizens, and I hold its members in the highest esteem.”

At the press conference, Senator Adams displayed a sample vest that will be purchased for the group.