NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins Brooklyn's Premier Artists and Leading Environmental Groups to Sponsor an "Eco Art Community Festival" in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Eric Adams

July 23, 2010

On Sunday, July 25, 2010, NYS Senator Eric Adams will proudly join dozens of artists, vendors, and leading environmental groups to promote ‘greener’ habits and eco-friendly practices at the “Eco Art Community Festival.” (Senator Adams will appear at noon and be available to the media.)

Senator Adams’ statement: “Protecting our environment, and doing so in both an efficient and a profitable manner, is no longer the wave of the future. Learning to ‘go green’ now is imperative for preserving the quality of our planet for future generations.

 “My offices have undergone ‘green training’, solicited suggestions about how to run a more eco-friendly workspace, and implemented various techniques to conserve. I too am learning how to live a ‘greener’ life, which I consider to be my responsibility not only as an elected official, but also as a New Yorker who hopes generations to come can inherit and benefit from sustainable and healthy resources.

 “I am proud to be co-sponsoring this big event, which includes over sixty vendors. Through the aforementioned ‘green training,’ my support of a charter school for Environmental Sciences that has opened in my district, and my co-sponsorship of legislation that would develop the recycling of electronic equipment as well as a bill to establish regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions, my staff and I are working diligently in our community and in our state to make our world less polluted. The effort to sharpen our habits to keep our neighborhood, city, and nation ‘clean and green’ will be enhanced by media attention and the dedicated endeavors of all people, young and old.”