NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins His Majority Conference Colleagues to Pass the Midwifery Modernization Act


NYS Senator Eric Adams announces passage in the NYS Senate and the NYS Assembly of the Midwifery Modernization Act. The legislation will eliminate the requirement for a written practice agreement (WPA) for licensed midwives to practice in New York State.

 Senator Adams’ statement: “Midwives are governed by rigorous educational requirements and regulations, and they provide excellent maternity, gynecological, and primary health care for their clients. They are committed to providing safe care for women and infants.

 “The Midwifery Modernization Act (MMA) is an important piece of legislation. It dramatically expands options for pregnant women in our State by eliminating the requirement that a licensed midwife have a written practice agreement (WPA) with a physician in order to work in New York.

 “Midwives provide expert care with superb outcomes and fewer interventions (such as C-sections), and they always consult with and refer to appropriate medical specialists when necessary. It was ironic and inappropriate that they were not required to obtain a WPA with a physician when a patient needed care outside the obstetrical arena, but had to obtain a WPA for the one area in which they are specially qualified by license and experience!

 “This midwifery modernization legislation removes the WPA requirement, and I urge Governor Paterson to sign into law a bill that will preserve quality health care for women and their babies.”