NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins Senate Majority Conference to Announce Funding for Student Metrocards


NYS Senator Eric Adams joined his colleagues in the Senate Majority Conference to announce a major victory for New York families and their children: they have secured $25 million in state funding for a reduced fare student MetroCard program

 NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “A budget agreement between the MTA, New York City, and New York State will prevent devastating cuts to the student MetroCard program, maintaining student access to reduced fare transit. Under the agreement, the State will augment a City contribution by paying $25 million to fund the program. The MTA will cover the remaining cost. All students who were eligible for reduced fare MetroCards during the previous school year will continue to receive the benefit this September. 

“The MTA faces a large budget deficit, and it had proposed full elimination of the student MetroCard program. Affecting more than 500,000 New York City students who travel to and from public school using reduced fare MetroCards, termination of the program would have had catastrophic results for New York families.

 "We are bound by duty and conscience to protect access to affordable mass transit for our school children. New York’s students must never lose their access to a quality education. Funding for student MetroCards must be maintained; it is of paramount importance.”