NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins Senate Majority Conference to Pass Job Creation Package to Put New Yorkers Back to Work

Eric Adams

June 24, 2010


NYS Senator Eric Adams joined his colleagues in the Senate to enact a 10-point plan that creates jobs, nurtures small businesses, and attracts new investments

 NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “Job creation and economic revitalization are top legislative priorities of the Senate Majority Conference. We have now passed a comprehensive jobs package of 10 bills that will put New Yorkers back to work, create new jobs, and spur economic growth for businesses across the state. The Majority’s “jobs plan” will:

 • Establish “land banks” in order to foster the development of vacant and abandoned property;

• Extend by 7-years the Empire Zone capital credit for not-for-profit projects;

• Provide small businesses with an SBA loan tax credit to encourage business growth;

• Encourage innovative companies with tax credits for technology start-ups;

• Clarify the definition of work activities to include work-study and internship positions.


 “We must extract ourselves from our fiscal crisis by putting New Yorkers back to work. We must invest in small businesses and create lasting jobs to achieve sustainable economic growth. These measures, which make it easier for high quality small companies, the backbone of the state’s economy, to grow and profit, will create jobs, assist businesses, aid workers and consumers, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.

 “We must work together to rebuild our State.”