NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins Senate Majority Conference to Provide Brooklyn Navy Yard WITH $15 Million for New “Green” Development and Job Creation

NYS Senator Eric Adams joins the NYS Senate Majority Conference to obtain $15 million for the creation of “green collar” jobs and an exhibition/visitors center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Senator Adams’ statement:     “Over the next three years, $15 million in capital funding will enable the Brooklyn Navy Yard to redevelop two major facilities.  Each project will achieve the ultimate in environmental design standards, and almost three hundred ‘green collar’ jobs will be created.

“The Navy Yard is home to an increasing number of ‘green’ manufacturers, and this project will convert three World War II machine shops into a 222,000 square foot ‘Green Manufacturing Center’ to help meet a strong demand of industrial businesses for this type of space.  In addition, the funding will support the construction of an exhibition/visitors center at the Yard.

“Our Navy Yard has become a nation-wide model for sustainable industrial parks, and I am proud to join my Senate Majority Conference colleagues to provide meaningful employment during our national economic crisis and help accelerate the Yard’s ‘green development’.”