NYS Senator Eric Adams Joins Senate Majority Conference to Safeguard the Health and Nutrition of New York Children

Eric Adams

June 24, 2010


 NYS Senator Eric Adams joined his colleagues in the Senate Majority Conference to announce a major victory for New York families and their children: passage of S4057B, the Child Health Plus and School Meals Enrollment Coordination Act of 2011

 NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “The Senate Majority Conference has passed S4075B, the Child Health Plus and School Meals Enrollment Coordination Act of 2011. The legislation is designed to promote good health and nutrition as part of early childhood development.

 “Studies demonstrate that childhood health and nutrition are strongly correlated with success in school, and even with achievement as an adult. This legislation mandates coordination between Child Health Plus, Medicaid, and School Meals programs to ensure that eligible children enrolled for free and reduced price school meals are also registered in Child Health Plus or Medicaid for access to health care.

 “Approximately a quarter of a million New York State children are uninsured, and 90% of those are eligible for but not currently participating in Child Health Plus or Medicaid! The Senate Majority Conference is committed to the health and nutrition of its constituents. With this legislation, we focus on our children and their access to healthcare in an attempt to establish a strong foundation in early childhood: good health and good nutrition are essential for achievement in school and accomplishment in life.

 “One further observation: This legislation establishes access to health care for all uninsured children, and therefore greatly benefits minority children in particular. It is particularly distressing to note that S4057B passed the Senate by a vote of 34-26, with every “no” vote cast by a member of the Senate opposition conference”.