NYS Senator Eric Adams, NYS Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, and NYS Assemblyman Marcos Crespo Will Hold a Press Conference in Response to 'Panel of Experts' Vote to Deny Chancellor Waiver to Cathleen Black

Eric Adams

November 24, 2010

 On Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 10:30AM, NYS Senator Eric Adams, NYS Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, and NYS Assemblyman Marcos Crespo will call on State Education Commissioner David Steiner to adhere to the requirements of NYS law and to the recommendation of his own appointed panel of experts to deny Cathy Black a waiver for the post of NYC Public Schools Chancellor

NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “New York State law requires that school superintendents have a minimum of three years teaching experience and do graduate work in ‘school administration.’ The mayor’s nominee, Cathleen Black, satisfies neither prerequisite.

“State law enables the Commissioner of Education to grant a waiver in the case of ‘exceptionally qualified persons’ whose ‘exceptional training and experience are the substantial equivalent’ of certification in teaching. Commissioner Steiner personally selected the members of an advisory panel; these were HIS CHOICES. They have voted to recommend that he deny the waiver.

“I call on the Commissioner to heed the advice of his own panel and deny a waiver to Cathy Black. She has neither the requisite education credential nor the support of the waiver panel.”

NYS Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries states: “The decision to reject the waiver application submitted by Mayor Bloomberg is a victory for the more than one million children in the New York City public school system. While some progress has been made, the public schools remain broken and someone who lacks educational experience is not the relief pitcher our school children need at this time.”

NYS Assemblyman Marcos Crespo states: “The individual selected as NYC Public Schools Chancellor must be the most appropriate person for this uniquely demanding position. The Commissioner of Education must not issue a waiver for Chancellor to Cathleen Black, an individual who neither meets the educational requirements required by State law nor has the support of the ‘panel of experts’ hand-picked by the Commissioner of Education to advise him.”