NYS Senator Eric Adams Releases Statement on Cablevision - Fox Dispute

Eric Adams

October 18, 2010

NYS Senator Eric Adams states: "I am deeply disappointed by the breakdown in negotiations between Cablevision and Fox over the renewal of the retransmission consent agreement. Many of my constituents are unable to view programs carried by Fox 5 and MY9, including Major League Baseball playoff games and the NY Giants football game.

“Despite differences between the companies over pricing or other terms, under no circumstances should programming– and the exclusive sports broadcasts– be denied to New York and New Jersey area fans. It is imperative that transmission be restored to consumers immediately; the negotiating parties have an obligation to their patrons to avoid treating them as pawns during the consultations.

“Further, I urge the parties to submit to arbitration, and I call upon the Federal Communications Commission, the agency charged with protecting the interests of consumers in this type of dispute, to act without delay to bring the parties together. The thousands of consumers affected by the stalemate must be able to resume viewing all programming. Both parties in this dispute must put consumers first.”