NYS Senator Eric Adams Supports the Reproductive Health Act

Eric Adams

June 24, 2010


NYS Senator Eric Adams supports S5808, Senate legislation known as the Reproductive Health Act. The bill establishes the fundamental rights to choose contraception and determine the course of a pregnancy, decriminalizing abortion by authorizing the procedure prior to viability.

 NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “The Reproductive Health Act protects women by guaranteeing their right to control their reproductive health. It secures their right to use or refuse contraception, makes certain that they will be able to obtain an abortion if their health is endangered, and treats the regulation of abortion as a matter of medical practice and public health, removing it from the penal code.

 “The Reproductive Health Act captures the principles that inspired the ‘Roe v. Wade’ decision and makes them part of New York State law. It protects the fundamental right of a woman and her doctor to make private medical decisions. I support it fully.”