NYS Senator Eric Adams Will Introduce Legislation Which Will Enable Amtrak To Provide Taser Guns And Training To Amtrak Train Conductors And Motormen.

On Sunday, May 14, 2011, New York State Senator Eric Adams (D- Brooklyn) held a press conference with representatives of Taser International to announce his legislation, Bill S.5371, that will permit Amtrak train crew personnel to carry taser guns while on duty in New York State.
Senate Bill S.5371 will enact a new law which will permit essential Amtrak staff, namely motorman and conductors, to carry taser guns while on duty in New York State.  Additionally, it will mandate that if motorman and conductors are issued taser guns, training in proper usage must also be provided.
Allowing essential Amtrak personnel to carry and use taser guns while on duty within NYS will aid immensely towards the increased safety of our commuters.  Motormen and conductors will be able to legally tase individuals who exhibit menacing behavior which may cause serious physical injury or death to innocent victims.  Currently, in New York State, only law enforcement personnel are permitted to carry tasers.
Senator Adams has sent a letter to the administrations of Amtrak and the MTA to request that they create a pilot program geared to train and equip their essential personnel with taser guns during their tour of duty.