Recent Bills Cosponsored By NYS Senator Eric Adams

Eric Adams

June 20, 2011

S3510 by Sen. Maziarz -  Passed Assembly on 6/15/11 and Passed Senate on June 20, 2011
This legislation prohibits health insurers from requiring that the insured purchases prescribed drugs from a mail order pharmacy.  Many consumers, especially senior citizens, rely on their local pharmacy for the service that is provided with respect to the monitoring of their prescription drug regimen. A mandate of purchase by mail order denies consumers this important support service.  This legislation is important because it provides freedom of choice, and also supports the small local pharmacist and provides for competitive pricing.

S3111B by Senator Larkin

This bill would require the Health Department to issue a certificate of still birth when requested by the family. Many families who have suffered the agony of a stillbirth feel that acknowledging the process – the contractions, labor and delivery – with a certificate would ease their pain and help with the healing process.   Nothing in this bill is intended to subject physicians, other health care providers, or hospitals to any undue burden.

S3953B by Senator Hannon

Students in all school districts participate in interscholastic sports, intramural sports and physical education classes. Concussions – traumatic brain injuries that can cause harmful, long-term effects to brain function – can occur in any of these sports and classes. It is therefore critical that New York establish guidelines to protect our students.  This legislation requires coaches, teachers and other school personnel to be trained about the symptoms of mild traumatic brain injuries and the importance of proper medical treatment.

The legislation also requires the immediate removal of any student who has or who may have suffered a concussion. It also states that no student who has or who may have suffered a concussion may return to athletic activities unless the student has been symptom free for at least twenty-four hours and a licensed physician has authorized the student's return.

S5743 by Senator Hassell-Thompson

This bill expands the definition of minority- and women-owned businesses to include higher value corporations and individuals who were previously certified in order to be able to allow growing corporations to maintain their MWBE eligibility.