Senator Adams Attends the Parkside Prize Award Ceremony and Reception

Eric Adams

March 07, 2012

Senator Adams attended the Parkside Prize Award Ceremony and Reception and gave out awards to the winners of the Parkside Prize Competition.  The Parkside Prize competition invited contestants to propose a new design for Parkside Avenue between Ocean and Flatbush Avenues, the eastern gateway to Prospect Park.  The grand prize was awarded to In Cho, of the Brooklyn architecture studio ChoShields. 

Senator Adams states: 

"I am delighted that the Parkside Project design competition allowed my constituents to utilize their talent for the revitalization and reconstruction of Parkside and Ocean Avenues.  It will be exciting to see the new developments that will occur in the near future.  I hope that this competition encourages everyone to continue to make the change, take action to beautify their community and have pride where they live in Brooklyn.  Congratulations to the winners!"