Senator Adams Sponsors Resolution for "Day of Remembrance" for NYS Police Who Risk Their Lives

NYS Senator Eric Adams will introduce/sponsor a resolution to designate Tuesday May 19, 2009 as a Day of Remembrance in honor of New York State Police. 

“In the most profound appreciation of this exceptional devotion, I would like to highlight a specific incident.  On January 10th of this year, an armed individual, brandishing an assault rifle, commandeered a taxi, took the driver hostage, and began firing his weapon on Interstate 90.  Taking immediate and decisive action against the shooter, courageous officers brought the ordeal to a conclusion in approximately forty minutes, disabling the assailant without a single injury to the public or to themselves.
I will sponsor a resolution I am introducing during Senate Session on Tuesday, May 19, 2009, to acclaim this group of officers, men who have shown in an exemplary fashion the valor and dedication to duty indicative of their unique position of extraordinary responsibility.”