Senator Adams' statement on his resolution to honor the New York State soldiers who fell in 2009

Eric Adams

January 26, 2010

Senator Adams states:
 “Today, we honor those brave individuals who wore the military uniform of the United States of America and tragically were cut down during 2009 in the service of their country.  These heroes join many noble predecessors who have fallen so that our nation could stand.  These 59 souls, all from or with close ties to the State of New York, gave their lives so that we may remain free. 

Let us recall perpetually the memories of loved ones lost for a greater good: in the protection of our liberty, in the defense of our freedom, and in the preservation of our security.  While we designate certain specific occasions to remember our all-volunteer military, we should be ever-mindful of their sacrifices and their willingness to defend us at all costs every day of the year.”