A Start to Fulfilling the Dream of Donna Fountain

Eric Adams

January 01, 2012

NYS Senator Eric Adams, a coalition of leaders from the Hasidic, African-American and Asian community, and other elected leaders responded to the Christmas Day death of Ms. Donna Fountain by announcing the donation of $25,000 toward a scholarship fund for Ms. Fountain's son.

Ms. Fountain was killed by a hit and run driver as she was returning home to spend the holiday with her son. A list of Ms. Fountain's dreams was discovered at the scene of the accident, one of which was to ensure that her son graduates from college. In memory of her dedication and commitment to a better life for her son, elected officials and community leaders from the Hasidic, African-American, and Asian community are uniting to financially help fulfill this dream.

If you would like to donate toward the scholarship fund for the son of Donna Fountain, please contact Senator Eric Adams' office at (718) 284-4700.

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