State Legislators Respond To Rapid Increase In Gas Prices By Introducing Legislation That Will Require All Gas Stations To Post Signs That Will Include Information To Contact The New York State Consumer Protection Board

Eric Adams

February 28, 2011

On Sunday, February 27, 2011, NYS Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman David Weprin announced their legislation that will aid motorists in reporting gas stations that are participating in price gouging, or selling improperly labeled gasoline. The legislators introduced a bill that will require all gas stations in the State of New York to post a sign near each gas pump that will list contact information for the NYS Consumer Protection Board, in regards to price or product issues. The Consumer Protection Board is authorized to investigate such complaints and take action against violators.

NYS Senator Eric Adams states: "Especially during these fiscally turbulent times, it is imperative that consumers are protected against egregious scams. Gasoline pump pain is something no driver in New York State is a stranger to. However, that pain should not be exacerbated by fraudulent tactics”.