Sen. Schneiderman Votes To Expand Eligibility for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption

Eric T. Schneiderman

June 03, 2009

ALBANY – Sen. Eric T. Schneiderman (D-Manhattan/Bronx) voted Tuesday for legislation that will make more seniors eligible for the Senior Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) program. The bill (S2210), which passed the Senate, deducts the amount of any unreimbursed out-of-pocket medical and prescription drug expenses from eligible seniors’ annual income calculation.

The SCRIE program benefits tens of thousands of seniors all across New York City. Under the program, when a landlord raises the rent, seniors enrolled in SCRIE are exempt from such increases. Instead, the landlord receives an equivalent credit on his or her property taxes.

“This legislation is a win-win for seniors,” said Sen. Schneiderman. “With this eligibility expansion, more seniors can rest assured that their rent will not skyrocket and price them out of the homes. SCRIE is a program that works and I am proud that the Senate did the right thing by expanding it to benefit even more seniors who are overburdened with crippling housing costs.”

The bill has also passed the Assembly and is awaiting action by the Governor.
“We’ve all heard the horror stories of seniors forced to choose between paying the rent and buying medications. This legislation will make that tragic choice a rarer occurrence,” added Sen. Schneiderman.