Senator Schneiderman Calls On Governor Paterson To Add Critical Legislation To Special Session Agenda

Eric T. Schneiderman

June 22, 2009

Says Marriage Equality, Real Rent Reform, and Other Legislation Must Be Included

ALBANY – In response to the proclamation released by Governor David Paterson today laying out the legislative agenda for tomorrow's special Senate session, Senator Eric T. Schneiderman (D-Manhattan/Bronx) called on the Governor to add critical issues, such as marriage equality, the repeal of vacancy decontrol, and the Reproductive Health Act to the list of priorities.

"I urge the Governor to immediately issue a supplemental agenda including these and other crucial pieces of legislation on tomorrow's agenda. He should not wait for a subsequent special session to consider these critical proposals,” said Sen. Schneiderman. “I applaud Governor Paterson for calling the Senate back to work for this extraordinary session, but the list of legislation scheduled on the agenda is far too limited. The Governor and only the governor has the authority to set the agenda and he must take full advantage of that power. This may be the only chance we have to bring these essential bills to a vote this year.”