Democrat's State Budget Increase DMV Fees Starting Today

Continuing the pile on from the disastrous 2009-2010 State Budget enacted by Democrats in both houses of the State Legislature and Governor Paterson, New Yorkers who drive a car, truck or any motor vehicle will be paying more with increased Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fees which will take effect starting today.  Most of the fees are increased by 25 percent on motor vehicles across the state.

 “As we progress throughout the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the bad news for New Yorkers continues to grow with a continual increase in taxes and fees,” Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) said. “Now today comes another wallop to the wallets of New Yorkers with a 25 percent increase in DMV fees. With the economy still posing serious challenges for residents, families and businesses in New York, these tax and fee increases only inflict more fiscal pain.” 

 The cost of drivers licenses will also increase 25 percent effective today. The fee for a drivers license is now increased to $6.50 annually. As a part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority bailout, motorists in the MTA region will pay an additional $1.50 per year license surcharge and a $25 per vehicle registration surcharge. When the DMV fee increases with the MTA surcharges are combined, a family with two cars in the MTA region will have to pay $181.50.  These fee increases will cost New Yorkers an estimated $152 million over the next two years. 

The following vehicles registration fees have been increased: 

• Passenger vehicle fees increase from $44 to $55  (two year average depending on the vehicle);
• Commercial vehicle registration fees increase from $11.50 to $14.38 (per 500 lbs. of vehicle weight) at the low end of the range and  increase from $11.50 to $14.38 (per 500 lbs.) at the high end of the range;
• Trailer registration fees will increase from an average of $34 to $42.50;
• Tax registration fees will increase, on average, from $48 to $60;
• Average bus registration fees will increase from $73 to $91.25;
• Motorcycle registration fees will increase from $14 to $17.50;
• All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) registration fees increase from $10 to $12.50. and
• Average motorboat registrations will increase from $40 to $50.

Additionally, starting in April 2010, New Yorkers obtaining or renewing their vehicle registration will
be required to purchase brand new license plates, whether they need them or not for $25- a $10 increase.
The DMV fee increases were a part of the more than $8.5 billion in tax and fee hikes crafted and approved by
Governor Paterson and Democrats in the Senate and Assembly in the 2009-2010 State Budget.  Due to the policies adopted in the 2009-2010 State Budget, New York already faces a multi-billion budget deficit in the current fiscal year that must be addressed.