'Lawn Litter Law' Final Rules Established

Frank Padavan

July 02, 2008

With the Department of Sanitation set to unveil the final rules for the ‘Lawn Litter Law’ for the City of New York, Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) announced today that he has been informed that the provision requiring homeowners to have the complaint form notarized has been removed.

 “When many homeowners and civic leaders reached out to Assemblyman Weprin and I to express their opposition to the onerous requirement to have all complaint forms notarized, we immediately submitted a joint letter to the Department of Sanitation urging them to reconsider this proposed provision,” Padavan said. “Today I am pleased to announce that the Department of Sanitation has heeded our call and dropped the requirement from the final rules of the law.”

Padavan continued, “I commend the City and the Department of Sanitation for working in good faith and making the complaint and enforcement process of the ‘Lawn Litter Law” easier for homeowners throughout the five boroughs.” 

Instead of requiring homeowners throughout the city to have a complaint form signed before a notary, the final rules will require homeowners to certify that the information contained in the complaint is truthful and accurate.

The final rules of the law will be published in the City Record and on the Department of Sanitation website tomorrow. Pursuant to the City Charter the ‘Lawn Litter Law’ rules will take effect on August 2, 2008.