Padavan Addresses Parents of PS 21Q Concern Over Additional School

Frank Padavan

January 25, 2008

New York State Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) announced today that there will be no new school or program coming to PS 21Q in Flushing. The announcement comes following widespread community concerns from parents about the potential negative impact adding a new school or program would have on the school.

 “Parents throughout the community reached out to me to stress their concern about the impact of adding an additional school or additional program not affiliated with PS 21Q would have on the school,” Padavan said. “After expressing our shared concerns and working with Chancellor Klein’s office, I am pleased to inform the entire school community that there will be no changes made at PS 21Q.”

 Many parents emphasized that any additional program or school without any affiliation to PS 21Q would create an overcrowded environment in the classrooms. Additionally, they felt that any additions to the school would create additional safety concerns and dangerous traffic conditions around the school. 

 Currently, PS 21Q has over 900 students and maintains small class sizes. The school has achieved a high standard of performance as evident by their recent ‘A’ grade in the Chancellor’s quality review.  “Thanks to the teachers, administrators and parents of PS 21Q the success of the students is truly remarkable,” Padavan said. “I am confident that the success of PS 21Q will continue as we move into the future.”