Padavan Delievers Funding for Little Neck LIRR Station Crossing Noise Reduction Plan

Frank Padavan

April 04, 2008

 New York State Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) announced today that he has secured up to $1 million for the installation of four quadrant rail crossing gates at the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Little Neck Station. The quiet zone project will be implemented by the LIRR and the New York City Department of Transportation.

 “Solving the nuisance of the noise around the Little Neck Station has been a chief concern of mine for some time,” Padavan said. “The funding I have secured will establish the necessary quiet zone for the residents near the Little Neck station and greatly improve their quality of life. I am pleased to deliver this important funding for the Little Neck community and look forward for work on the quiet zone to begin as soon as possible.”

 The funding will establish a quiet zone near the Little Neck Station, a serious issue that has been impacting residents near the station since new safety guidelines were established by the Federal Transportation Administration.  The design of the gate must include a fail safe system to allow emergency personnel (police, fire and ambulance) vehicles to open the gates when necessary.
 Senator Padavan thanked Bernie Haber, former Community Board 11 President and retired engineer, for his expertise in dealing with this important quality of life issue affecting the residents of Little Neck. “Bernie was instrumental in every step of this process. His insight and expertise was invaluable as we worked to establish a solution to this problem,” Padavan said.