Padavan Introduces Pet Adoption Tax Credit Legislation

Frank Padavan

March 13, 2008

 New York State Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) announced today that he has introduced legislation that will provide incentives for New Yorkers to adopt household pets.

 The first bill establishes a personal income tax credit up to $100 for the cost incurred for the adoption of a household pet from a pound, animal shelter, humane society or animal protective or rescue association.  The legislation defines household pets as any dog, cat or domesticated animal for the purpose of companionship.

 “Each year tens of thousands of dogs and cats are taken into animal shelters in New York City alone,” Padavan said. “Sadly, according to the ASCPA, nearly half these animals are euthanized because they are not adopted. This legislation would establish income tax benefits and serve a humane purpose by encouraging New Yorkers to go to their local animal shelter and adopt a dog or cat of their own.”

 Padavan continued, “This is legislation will help save New York taxpayers money and help reinvest in the multi-billion pet care industry.”

 The second bill creates a personal income tax credit for the costs associated with spay or neuter services. The amount of the credit will up to 80 percent of the cost incurred for the service and not to exceed two hundred dollars. 

 Both bills are sponsored by Assemblyman Micah Kellner (D-65th Assembly District) in the State Assembly.

 Senator Padavan is frequently recognized as a leading voice of humane and animal right legislation in the New York State Legislature. Over the years, he has authored groundbreaking laws that have made significant strides in the protection of all animals.

 Among the numerous humane awards Senator Padavan has received include: the Humane Society of the United States Legislator in New York in 2006, the League of Humane Voters of NYC Humane Legislator Award in 2006, the League of Humane Voter’s Legislator of the Year in 2003, the recipient of Animal Haven’s Humanitarian Award in 2003, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animal’s Legislator in 1979 and 1988, the Companion Animal Network’s Humanitarian of the Year in 1993 and the Fund for Animals Humanitarian of the Year in 1981.