Akshar Releases Results of 2017 Community Voice Survey

Senator Fred Akshar this week released the results of his 2017 Community Voice Survey on issues facing constituents across the 52nd Senate District.

“I want to thank the 9,600+ community members for responding to our first Community Voice Survey of 2017,” said Senator Fred Akshar. “The only way to properly represent the people of the 52nd District is for me to actively engage and listen to you throughout the year.”

Earlier this year, Akshar distributed his first Community Voice Survey throughout his district. Responses were collected via mail and his website, Akshar.NYSenate.Gov. Over 9,600 digital and physical responses were received from local constituents weighing in on issues ranging from the Governor's free tuition proposal, legal aid for undocumented immigrants and workers' compensation reform.

“I've traveled across the 52nd Senate District and listened to as many folks as I could, and this survey was another way to stay engaged with the people I represent,” said Akshar. “We've already begun to put our community's opinions into legislative action and make sure their input helps inform my priorities and decisions in Albany. ”

Full survey results below 


Do you support the Governor's proposal to grant free college tuition for students of families earning less than $125,000/year?
57% - No
39% - Yes
4% - Don't Know

Do you agree with any of these proposed changes to the free tuition plan?
31% - Require a GPA standard for recipients
29% - Don't use taxpayer dollars for this proposal
19% - Require recipients to maintain a 5-year residency in NY after graduation
12% - Only fund 2-year degrees and trade school tuitions
8% - Use funds for student loan forgiveness instead

Do you support workers' compensation reform to save businesses, nonprofits and schools money by speeding up determination time for injuries?
90% - Yes
10% - No

Do you support the Governor's proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use?
50.21% - No
49.79% - Yes

Do you support a consolidated federal, state and local primary election date which would save local governments money?
46% - Support a date in June
29% - Support a date in August
15% - Support maintaining separate primary dates
10% - Support a date in July

Do you support making crimes that specifically target police, fire-fighters, corrections officers and other emergency service workers punishable as hate crimes?
92% - Yes
8% - No

Do you support banning outside income for state legislators and creating term limits?
11% - Ban Outside Income
28% - Term Limits
54% - Both
7% - None

Do you support doubling the Child Care tax credit for families earning between $60,000 and $150,000?
53% - No
47% - Yes

Do you support a tax credit for employers who hire and retain workers currently collecting unemployment?
67% - Yes
33% - No

Do you support the DREAM Act, which would provide tuition assistance for undocumented immigrants?
82% - No
18% - Yes

Do you support creating a privately- and publicly-funded legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants?
81% - No
19% - Yes

Do you support raising the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 years of age, so those under 18 cannot be tried as adults unless the crime involves serious violence?
55% - No
45% - Yes