Sen. Fred Akshar Akshar Releases Results of 2018 Community Voice Survey

Over 8,800 Responses Collected

Senator Fred Akshar this week released the results of his 2018 Community Voice Survey on issues facing constituents across the 52nd Senate District.

“I want to thank the 8,800+ community members from across the 52nd Senate District for responding to our latest Community Voice Survey,” said Senator Fred Akshar. “The only way to properly represent the people in Broome, Tioga, Chenango and Delaware counties is for me to actively engage and listen to them throughout the year.”

Earlier this year, Akshar distributed his third Community Voice Survey since taking office throughout his district. Responses were collected via mail and his website, Akshar.NYSenate.Gov. Over 8,800 digital and physical responses were received from local constituents weighing in on issues ranging from the proposed $1 billion in tax increases included in the Governor's Budget proposal, to allowing supervised heroin injection sites in New York, to various voting reforms, to legalizing recreational marijuana in New York. 

“Between the almost 30 town hall events we've held across the 52nd Senate District and the three yearly Community Voice Surveys we've released since being elected, we've done our best to stay actively engaged with the people I represent,” said Akshar. “Listening to constituents on a variety of issues helps inform my legislative decisions and priorities if and when those issues come before me Albany. I sincerely value their input.”

Text Results Below:

Do you support the Governor’s proposal to help close the $4.4 billion gap in the state budget by introducing $1 billion in new taxes and fees? 
No - 75%
Don't Know/No Opinion - 14%
Yes - 11%

Do you support allowing supervised heroin injection sites in New York as a way to prevent heroin overdoses? 
No - 69%
Yes - 21%
Don't Know/No Opinion - 10%

How should the state allocate local capital project funding? 
Road and Sidewalk Repairs - 51.3%
Energy Efficiency Projects - 15%
Demolishing Blighted Property - 14.7%
Equipment to Improve Shared Services - 7.8%
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Related Projects - 5.5%
Other - 5.5%

Should New York require restaurants, hotels and bars to pay the full minimum wage to tipped wage workers? Currently, most tipped wage workers like servers and bartenders make below the minimum wage and use tips as part of their compensation. 
Yes, require minimum wage - 50%
No - 39%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 11%

If those in the service industry were being paid full minimum wage, would you be less inclined to tip them for their service? 
I would still tip as much - 39%
I would tip less - 32%
I would be less inclined to tip - 27%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 5%

Do you support state investments in renewable energy like wind and solar? 
Both Wind and Solar - 62%
I support other options like natural gas - 21.5%
Neither Wind nor Solar - 7.3%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 4.2%
Solar only - 2.7%
Wind only - 2.3%

Do you believe anyone convicted of a domestic violence crime, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, should be required to surrender all of their firearms? Under existing law, only domestic violence abusers convicted of a felony or “serious” offenses are prohibited from possessing firearms. 
Yes - 63%
No - 28%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 9%

Do you support banning the use of taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment claims against state officials and employees? 
Yes - 87%
No - 11%
Don't Know/No Opinion - 3%

Which of the following election reform proposals do you support? (Check all that apply)
Requiring Photo ID to vote on Election Day - 35.2%
Early voting - 18.6%
No-excuse-required absentee voting - 18.1%
Same-day voter registration - 15.4%
Public financing of campaigns with taxpayer dollars - 7.6%
None of the Above - 5.1%

Do you support the Governor’s proposal to study the potential impact of legalizing marijuana for recreational use in neighboring states? 
No - 53%
Yes - 38%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 9%

Do you support legalizing marijuana for recreational use in New York State? 
No - 55%
Yes - 37%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 9%

Should New York State eliminate cash bail for minor crimes in an effort to end discrimination against low-income individuals who aren’t considered a flight risk or threat to public safety?
Yes - 46%
No - 39%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 16%

Broome County residents only: Broome County’s 911 public safety radio system, which enables the dispatch center to notify first responders about emergencies, dates back to the 1970s, has major radio coverage gaps and is in dire need of replacement. Would you be willing to pay $1.22 extra per cell phone line per month and $1.42 per land line per month for 10 years to finance this critical upgrade?
Yes - 54%
No - No - 34%
Don’t Know/No Opinion - 12%

Should New York State impose a ban or a fee on single-use plastic bags at retail and grocery stores to reduce waste? 
No ban or fee on single-use plastic bags - 51%
New York should ban single-use plastic bags - 32%
New York should charge a fee for single-use plastic bags - 17%