Sen. Fred Akshar Releases 2021 Community Voice Survey

Fred Akshar

February 11, 2021

Community members asked to weigh in on various issues at Akshar.NYSenate.Gov

Senator Fred Akshar this week released his latest Community Voice Survey online to poll the community on various issues facing constituents across the 52nd Senate District.

“Since the day I was first elected, I've tried to be as open and accessible as possible,” said Senator Fred Akshar. “From the start, I've traveled across the 52nd Senate District holding over 35 in-person and virtual town hall and events in order to actively listen to as many folks as I could. Our Community Voice Surveys are another way for the people I represent to tell me how they feel about pressing issues in our state. With New York facing an over $15 billion deficit. It's more important than ever for our community members to stay engaged, stay informed and offer feedback to their representatives.”

Survey questions cover a wide array of topics, including rescinding the Governor’s emergency executive powers, continuing to defer rent and eviction during the pandemic, the Governor's proposal to eliminate this year's scheduled $400 million Middle Class Tax Cut and the legalization of recreational marijuana. Other subjects include the Governor's proposal to extend the $420 Hollywood film production tax credit, single-payer healthcare and New York's performance in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I'm proud of the work we've accomplished so far and I'm proud to be able to stand up for the needs of the people in the 52nd Senate District, but the only way to continue properly representing the people of our community is to continually seek input from across the 52nd District,” said Akshar.

In previous years, residents would be able to submit their answers in the mail, but due to NYS Senate staffing reductions, the thousands of mail-in survey responses can no longer be individually processed. To make sure their voices are heard, all constituents are asked to complete this survey online here.

Since 2016, Akshar's Community Voice Surveys generated anywhere from 5,000 to 10,00 responses. This year, Akshar hopes to see those numbers continue to grow.

“It's inspiring to see so many people actively involved in their government,” said Akshar. "Surveys like this help craft my legislative agenda and help inform many of my decisions throughout the Legislative Session. We live in an extremely diverse state, and our Southern Tier values aren't always shared by other regions of New York, but these surveys help make sure the people of the Southern Tier are provided a loud voice for their opinions in Albany.”