George A. Amedore, Jr.

September 20, 2018

$75,000 Each Awarded to Women’s Imaging/Cancer Medicine Center and Prenatal Care Program

Senator George Amedore today announced he has secured $150,000 to fund critical women’s health initiatives at St. Mary’s Health Care in Amsterdam. Two grants of $75,000 each were awarded to the Women’s Imaging and Cancer Medicine Center for their Magseed project to improve breast cancer treatment and outcomes, and to the Prenatal Care and Nutrition Program for educational and promotional tools to encourage breastfeeding and promote healthy, active pregnancies.

"It’s so important to invest in women’s health initiatives to support education, research, prevention and treatment that will improve health outcomes for women and help us build stronger, healthier communities,” said Senator Amedore. “St. Mary’s Healthcare continues to offer outstanding treatment, services and programs, and I am glad to help support their women’s health programs with this funding that will allow them to expand and grow their programs.”

“St. Mary’s Healthcare would like to express its sincere gratitude to Senator Amedore for his foresight and commitment in supporting these critically important health care initiatives,” said Vic Giulianelli, President/CEO, St. Mary’s Healthcare. “The obtainment of $150,000 in grant funding will support programs in breast cancer detection and pre-natal health for women.”The funds are part of a $5 million initiative included in this year’s state budget to fund women’s health initiatives in communities throughout the state and address health issues facing women and their families.

$75,000 was awarded to help fund the Magseed project, a new way to mark the location of a potential breast cancer, with a small, stainless steel marker the size and shape of a rice grain. The new procedure results in a smaller incision and scar, easier implementation of the marking device for the radiologist, and easier location of the target tissue for the surgeon. In addition, the process is easier and less stressful on the patient.

“The Magseed system provides a less painful and a more accurate way to locate a breast tumor,” said Vic Giulianelli, President/CEO, St. Mary’s Healthcare. “The system tags the location of a breast tumor prior to surgery, allowing for a smaller incision and scar, a simpler placement of the tag for the radiologist, and easier location of the tumor for the breast surgeon.”
$75,000 was also awarded to St. Mary’s Healthcare: Prenatal Care and Nutrition to supplement and expand two important prenatal women’s health projects. The funding will be used to provide expectant mothers with educational materials and supplies to promote and encourage breastfeeding for the health of the mother and the baby, and educational tablets promoting the benefits of breastfeeding. In addition, the funding will help to expand the weight management counseling program provided in prenatal care. The Fit for Two prenatal program focuses on promoting a healthy amount of weight gain during pregnancy in order to optimize health outcomes for mother and baby and provides mothers with the tools they need to establish, track and meet weight gain goals.

“Funding for the breastfeeding friendly packages and educational electronic tablets is needed for the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding, medically and culturally,” said Vic Giulianelli, President/CEO, St. Mary’s Healthcare. “Knowing that breastfeeding reduces the incidence and severity of acute and chronic disease has the potential to make a profound impact on healthcare spending and the health of our community. Similarly, the Fit for Two program is critical for optimizing mother and baby health outcomes by reinforcing individualized planning for healthy eating and exercise to promote a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.”

 “St. Mary’s Healthcare does an outstanding job providing health care services in Montgomery County and throughout the Mohawk Valley,” said Senator Amedore. “I am happy to secure this funding to help them continue and expand these critically important women’s health initiatives within our community.”

“Our medical staff and associates are grateful to Senator Amedore for his understanding of the importance of these initiatives on the healthcare of our patients and their families,” said Vic Giulianelli, President/CEO, St. Mary’s Healthcare. “This grant funding will enable us to provide residents of the Mohawk Valley with immediate access to the benefits of these preventive healthcare projects.”