George A. Amedore, Jr.

January 04, 2019

Senator George Amedore today announced he has been selected to serve as the Ranking Member of two Senate Standing Committees for the upcoming legislative session.

Senator Amedore will serve as the ranking member of the Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. He has served as a member of the committee since taking office in 2015.

“I have always believed a primary role of government is making sure the most vulnerable members of our community are well cared for. I am looking forward to continuing to work on solutions to help those who struggle with mental health issues or developmental disabilities to ensure that proper services, support and resources are available to the consumers, as well as the hardworking professionals who dedicate themselves to ensuring proper care,” said Senator Amedore.

Senator Amedore played an instrumental role in supporting the Be Fair to Direct Care Campaign to ensure funding in the previous two state budgets for direct service providers to ensure they are paid an adequate wage.

Senator Amedore will also serve as the Ranking Member of the Senate Standing Committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development.

 “Access to quality, affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing New Yorkers, and I’m looking forward to this opportunity to take on this role within this committee,” said Senator Amedore.