Senator George Amedore today announced that the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators is accepting scholarships for four $4,000 scholarships that will be awarded at their annual ceremony.

The scholarships will be awarded to four current or future college students from New York State. Eligibility will be based on the student’s GPA, interest in pursuing a higher education, involvement in the local community, and individual financial need. Both academic and athletic scholarships are available.

“We want to provide every opportunity to help our young people afford to further their education,” said Senator George Amedore. “I encourage students in the 46th Senate District to apply for these scholarships to help offset college expenses.”

Students are eligible for the scholarships if they have a GPA of 85 or above, have good conduct and demonstrate the dedication to pursue a higher education degree, are active in community and extracurricular activities, and can demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship applications must be returned to the Senator’s office by Thursday, March 19th. Applications can be found online at, or can be obtained by contacting the Senator’s office at