George A. Amedore, Jr.

June 06, 2019

Senator George Amedore today announced the New York State Senate has passed a package of bills to improve limo safety in New York State. The bills address issues and failures that have been raised in the aftermath of the tragic crash that killed twenty individuals last October in Schoharie.

“The devastation caused by that tragic crash is still felt so deeply throughout the region, and the entire state. I want to thank the families, who in the wake of unimaginable loss, were strong voices to advocate for these changes to improve safety and oversight within the limo industry to prevent more tragedy in the future,” said Senator George Amedore.

The bills passed today would:

> Increase penalties for illegal U-turns and other traffic violations;
> Set new minimum liability insurance requirements for for-hire vehicles that carry more than 8 passengers;
> Require pre-employment and random drug testing for for-hire vehicle drivers;
> Require stretch limos with a seating capacity of nine or more passengers to use global positioning system technology , which takes into account minimum clearance and turning radius of the vehicle and transmits real0time date to the operator’s employer;
> Establish a passenger safety task force to make recommendations on additional measures to improve safety;
> Require safety belts in for-hire vehicles, as well as additional safety features including roll-over protection devices and safety doors and windows that can be opened from passengers in the case of emergency;
> Create additional license requirements to operate a stretch limousine;
> Authorize the DMV to immobile or impound limousines that are in violation of safety standards; and
> Establish a reporting system, via smart phone app, website, and toll-free hotline, for consumers to report safety concerns.

The bills passed today build on measures enacted earlier this year to help improve safety and regulation of the limo industry.

The Legislation passed today now moves to the Assembly for consideration.

“I hope the Assembly joins us in passing this package of legislation that will ensure the safety of all New Yorkers who hire a limo and prevent future horrific tragedies like we saw last Fall in Schoharie,” said Senator Amedore.