Statement from Senator George Borrello on Closing New York’s $6.1 Billion Budget Gap

“The new year and a new legislative session have not yet begun and the Democrats have already thrown in the towel when it comes to addressing the $6.1 billion budget gap the state is facing. Instead of trying to reduce spending, they are already talking about raising taxes.

“This latest budget hole is a self-inflicted wound, largely fueled by the state’s runaway spending on the Medicaid program, which is the highest per capita in the nation. Anyone from anywhere in the world can come to New York State and literally receive Medicaid benefits for their rest of their life. The program is so massive, it loses billions annually to fraud and abuse. Against this backdrop, raising taxes isn’t a ‘fix,’ it is pouring more money into the irresponsible black hole that grows larger every day.

“As always, the innocent victims in this scenario are New York’s hardworking taxpayers who are the piggybank for far-left politicians who refuse to reform a system that is clearly out of control. That is why people and businesses continue to leave New York for other states, undermining the future of our once-great Empire State.

“Closing New York’s budget gap by cutting spending and reforming its broken Medicaid system is the only responsible solution and the one that our overburdened taxpayers need and deserve.”