Fedex to Donate Shipping for Local Peace Corp Volunteer

George D. Maziarz

July 17, 2013

Senator George D. Maziarz (R-C, Newfane) is pleased to announce that thanks to the generous donation of FedEx, local Peace Corp volunteer Luis Rivera is able to ship equipment to Botswana for a team he started during his service in that country.


Luis Rivera, a resident of the Village of Brockport, is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Botswana, Africa.  While serving, he started a baseball team for local villagers to learn and play the game. However, there was need for equipment.  Through contacting local school districts and residents back in the District, donations of old equipment were made for this project, so long as it could be shipped abroad.


 Luis’s family in Brockport looked into shipping and found it would cost almost $3,000 to ship all of the equipment to Botswana.  After looking for numerous options, Luis’s grandfather Mort Wexler and mother Lisa Rivera contacted Senator Maziarz for help.  Through just one call, FedEx stepped up and offered to ship the items for free.


 “Luis is providing great service through the Peace Corp to those who are less fortunate and I wanted to help him in any way that I could,” said Senator George D. Maziarz.  “All it took was one phone call to FedEx and they immediately offered to assist in shipping the equipment.  This project really shows the commitment of the community to help one another, through providing equipment, shipping and other assistance.  I want to thank FedEx for their generosity in providing this much needed service to Luis.”


“Without the kindness shown by FedEx for their delivery services and to those who donated the equipment, Luis would have never been able to bring this loved American game to those where he is serving in the Peace Corps,” said Lisa Rivera, mother of Peace Corp member Luis.  “I also want to thank Senator Maziarz for making the connection with FedEx and helping to make this all possible.  The Senator and FedEx commitment to the residents of this area is clear, and we would not have the opportunity to help the less fortunate without them.”


 FedEx picked up the shipment directly from the Rivera home, with an estimated arrival date of July 26th-enough time for the baseball program to start in August.