Legislators back investments in Niagara Falls State Park

George D. Maziarz

December 16, 2011

Today Assemblyman John Ceretto and Senator George Maziarz voiced their support for increased funding for Niagara Falls State Park, which was announced yesterday at a meeting of New York State Park officials.

Senator George Maziarz said, “Niagara Falls is a crown jewel of the state parks system, and it needs to be maintained and promoted as such.  More investments in the park’s infrastructure are sorely needed, as we’ve tried to point out to the Commissioner and State Parks officials.  It appears they are getting the message, and I join them in hoping that 2012 is going to be a productive year for the park.”Ceretto and Maziarz have been pushing for action from State Parks for months, including meeting in Albany with Commissioner Harvey in June and securing a promise for a renewal in agency’s commitment to the majestic park.  Harvey also indicated in a recent letter to the legislators that a capital plan was being put in place and that funding would be directed to put the plan into action.

“Niagara Falls State Park has the honor of being our nation’s oldest state park,” said Assemblyman Ceretto.  “This is a wise investment for State Parks, and for me, overdue. In Albany, Commissioner Harvey gave us a commitment. We pledged to her and our constituents that we would hold her to that commitment. The news from State Parks indicates that commitment will be there and we will ensure it is seen through to completion.”


Niagara Falls State Park hosts millions of tourists each year.  Ceretto and Maziarz are confident that capital improvements will only bolster these numbers.