Maziarz working to expand eligibility for military scholarships

George D. Maziarz

March 18, 2010

Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane) is very pleased to announce that the State Senate unanimously adopted legislation he introduced and sponsored (S.1417-A) to expand the eligibility dates for certain military higher education scholarships.

Specifically, the bill will allow the children, spouses, and dependents of members of the Armed Forces who died or were severely or permanently disabled during a military operation between June 1, 1982 and December 31, 1987 to be eligible for state scholarships such as New York State Regents Award for Children of Veterans and the Military Service Recognition Scholarship.

“In Lebanon, Grenada, the Persian Gulf, and elsewhere, brave men and women in uniform were lost or severely wounded in service to their country in the 1980’s,” Senator Maziarz said.  “These individuals and their families must not be forgotten.”        

In advocating for the bill, Senator Maziarz remarked that the need for the legislation was brought to his attention by a constituent of his, Daniel Kremer of Lockport.  Mr. Kremer, a Marine, was permanently disabled during military operations in Lebanon in the early 1980s.  When his daughter recently applied for a Military Service Recognition Scholarship, she was denied because the scholarship is currently only available for families of service members who served after August 2, 1990.

“The bravery of Dan Kremer and Marines like him cannot be overlooked,” Senator Maziarz said.  “They put their lives on the line for our state and country, and many of them made the ultimate sacrifice.  Dan’s family should not be cut out of programs that other military families can access.  It’s time to change the eligibility rules and correct this inequity.”

With the approval of the bill in the Senate, Senator Maziarz urged the Assembly to vote on the matter with all due haste.