Nypa Headquarters Should Move to Niagara County

George D. Maziarz

May 15, 2009

Senator Maziarz encourages Governor, NYPA CEO to relocate to The Summit

     Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane) today wrote to Governor David
Paterson and New York Power Authority President and CEO Richie Kessel
urging them to relocate NYPA’s administrative offices from White Plains to
Niagara County.  Specifically, the relocation should focus on The Summit,
the Wheatfield shopping mall scheduled to close in early June.

     “Moving NYPA’s headquarters to The Summit would send the right
message to Western New York,” Senator Maziarz wrote.  “The message is that
NYPA understands the importance of the Niagara Power Project to the
regional economy, and that it is willing to commit to making our hydropower
facility a determining factor in both our region’s and state’s future.”

     Joined at a press conference with local officials at The Summit today
to unveil his vision, Senator Maziarz pointed out that NYPA proclaims to
have a renewed focus on Upstate New York.  He indicated that Mr. Kessel has
told reporters that he spends most of his time in upstate New York.

     “If NYPA’s focus on upstate New York is real, then its administrators
and support staff should be based here in Niagara County, where most of the
power and most of the revenues are generated,” Senator Maziarz said.  “That
would not only be the right move for NYPA, but it would infuse our region
with hundreds of six-figure jobs that would be a boon our local economy.”

     Senator Maziarz added, “And if the state, its agencies, and public
authorities are really concerned about reducing costs in this difficult
times, NYPA’s move from Westchester to Williams Road is a no-brainer.  We
have an opportunity here to breathe new life into a sprawling facility that
will soon sit mostly vacant.”

     The New York Power Authority currently owns a 17-story office
building in downtown White Plains, which could sell quickly in that
region’s booming commercial real estate market.

     Senator Maziarz also called on Oberlin Plaza One, LLC, the mall’s
owner, to grant a 60-day extension to the June 6 closure date so mall
tenants have additional time to find new retail space over the summer.