Senator Maziarz joins new Legislative Aviation Caucus

George D. Maziarz

May 06, 2010

Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane) is pleased to announced that he has joined the New York Legislative Aviation Caucus, a new, bipartisan coalition dedicated to supporting New York’s airports and aviation-related businesses.

“Our economy in Western New York depends so much upon aviation and we cannot take the industry’s needs for granted,” Senator Maziarz said.  “From recreational travel to business shipping to research and development, aviation-related enterprises are an integral part of who we are and where we are going.  In my district alone, I can point to the Niagara Falls International Airport, the Niagara Air Base, Calspan, and small regional airports as assets that deserve more attention.”

Several legislative priorities have been identified by the Legislative Aviation Caucus, including rejecting the new asset transfer tax on general aviation; doubling the Airport Improvement Program federal match appropriation and permitting unused funds from this account to be awarded as airport grants; and allocating funding to make up for the loss of $15 million per year for aviation capital programs as a result of expiration of Transportation Bond Act funding.

“New York has to be a better place to do business in,” Senator Maziarz added, “As aviation is central to our economic future, we have to be competitive with other states in our tax policies, business costs, and our commitment to investment.”

The Legislative Aviation Caucus is an initiative launched by the New York Aviation Management Association.