Statement from Senator George Maziarz on housing illegal immigrant children at old Walmart store in Brockport

George D. Maziarz

June 27, 2014

Congressman Collins is right.  The vast majority of these illegal immigrant children originate from Central America, so it makes sense that they should be held much closer to our southern border.  An old Walmart store in Brockport, New York, two thousand miles away from the Mexican border, makes no sense whatsoever.

Still, we do need to find a place to house these illegal immigrant children where they can live temporarily before they are sent back to their home countries and their families.  They are in our custody now, but without housing and without supervision, they may very well be homeless and end up trying to stay in the United States permanently.  That’s not acceptable—our goal should be to return them to their country of origin.

The federal government must do a better job of addressing this immigration crisis.