Three flood recovery assistance bills pass Senate

Senator George D. Maziarz, (R-C, Newfane) is pleased to announce that three bills he is co-sponsoring to provide financial assistance to municipalities and residents affected by excessive flood damage in Niagara County in the early summer of 2013 were approved on Monday, January 27, 2014 by the New York State Senate.

            First, Senate Bill 5931 would enact the “Mohawk Valley and Niagara County Assessment Relief Act,” which empowers municipalities in Niagara County to offer reduced assessments for qualifying real property owners whose property lost substantial value as a result of the severe weather events of last year.  School districts offering such reduced assessment would be held harmless by the state.

            Second, Senate Bill 5985 would establish a state income tax credit for storm victims, the value of which would be equal to the amount of real property taxes paid or incurred on real property that was severely damaged by flooding events.

            Third, Senate Bill 5987 would create a New York State Disaster Recovery Program to provide storm relief funds to residents when federal disaster assistance is unavailable through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

            “We need to be creative to provide relief to communities and families who are still rebuilding after the floods that hit our region last summer,” Senator Maziarz said.  “Through no fault of their own, property owners suffered extensive property damage after the rains and floods hit, and unfortunately there simply has not been enough help for them from the government.  We are trying to rectify that.”

            The bills will be sent to the New York State Assembly for consideration.