Who Voted to Sweep $750 Million From the Power Authority Into the General Fund?

George D. Maziarz

February 03, 2009

Not Senator Maziarz.  Three-quarters of a billion dollars could have been used to lower utility rates for homeowners and businesses.  Instead it's treated as a surplus and just given away.  That's not right, and that's why Senator Maziarz voted NO.

Below is the voting history from February 3, 2009.  Unfortunately, the measure was approved and Governor Paterson signed the bill into law the next day.


S249-A  BUDGET                 Same as Uni. A 162-A  Budget 

02/03/09 S249-A Assembly Vote Yes: 104 No : 42
02/03/09 S249-A Senate Vote Aye: 32 Nay: 29

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02/03/09   S249-A    Assembly Vote   Yes: 104   No : 42

Yes Abbate Yes Alessi No Alfano No Amedore
Yes Arroyo Yes Aubry No Bacalles No Ball
No Barclay No Barra Yes Barron Yes Benedetto
Yes Benjamin Yes Bing Yes Boyland No Boyle
Yes Bradley Yes Brennan Yes Brodsky Yes Brook-Krasny
No Burling No Butler Yes Cahill No Calhoun
Yes Camara Yes Canestrari ER Carrozza Yes Castro
Yes Christensen Yes Clark Yes Colton No Conte
Yes Cook No Corwin No Crouch Yes Cusick
Yes Cymbrowitz Yes DelMonte Yes DenDekker Yes Destito
Yes Diaz Yes Dinowitz No Duprey Yes Eddington
Yes Englebright No Errigo Yes Espaillat Yes Farrell
Yes Fields No Finch No Fitzpatrick Yes Gabryszak
Yes Galef Yes Gantt Yes Gianaris No Giglio
Yes Glick Yes Gordon Yes Gottfried Yes Greene
Yes Gunther A No Hawley No Hayes Yes Heastie
Yes Hevesi Yes Hikind Yes Hooper Yes Hoyt
Yes Hyer-Spencer Yes Jacobs Yes Jaffee Yes Jeffries
Yes John No Jordan Yes Kavanagh Yes Kellner
No Kolb Yes Koon Yes Lancman Yes Latimer
Yes Lavine Yes Lentol Yes Lifton No Lopez P
ER Lopez V Yes Lupardo Yes Magee Yes Magnarelli
Yes Maisel Yes Markey Yes Mayersohn No McDonough
Yes McEneny No McKevitt Yes Meng No Miller
Yes Millman No Molinaro EL Morelle Yes Nolan
No Oaks Yes O'Donnell No O'Mara Yes Ortiz
Yes Parment Yes Paulin Yes Peoples Yes Peralta
Yes Perry Yes Pheffer Yes Powell Yes Pretlow
No Quinn No Rabbitt No Raia No Ramos
No Reilich Yes Reilly Yes Rivera J Yes Rivera N
Yes Rivera P Yes Robinson Yes Rosenthal Yes Russell
No Saladino No Sayward Yes Scarborough Yes Schimel
Yes Schimminger ER Schroeder No Scozzafava Yes Seminerio
Yes Skartados Yes Spano Yes Stirpe Yes Sweeney
No Tedisco No Thiele Yes Titone Yes Titus
No Tobacco Yes Towns No Townsend No Walker
Yes Weinstein Yes Weisenberg Yes Weprin Yes Wright
Yes Zebrowski K Yes Mr. Speaker

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02/03/09   S249-A    Senate Vote    Aye: 32   Nay: 29

Aye Adams Aye Addabbo Nay Alesi Aye Aubertine
Nay Bonacic Aye Breslin Nay DeFrancisco Aye Diaz
Aye Dilan Aye Duane Aye Espada Nay Farley
Nay Flanagan Aye Foley Nay Fuschillo Nay Golden
Nay Griffo Nay Hannon Aye Hassell-Thompson Aye Huntley
Aye Johnson C Nay Johnson O Aye Klein Aye Krueger
Aye Kruger Nay Lanza Nay Larkin Nay LaValle
Nay Leibell Nay Libous Nay Little Nay Marcellino
Nay Maziarz Nay McDonald Aye Monserrate Aye Montgomery
Nay Morahan Nay Nozzolio Aye Onorato Aye Oppenheimer
Aye Parker Aye Perkins Nay Ranzenhofer Nay Robach
Nay Saland Aye Sampson Aye Savino Aye Schneiderman
Aye Serrano Nay Seward Nay Skelos Aye Smith
Aye Squadron Aye Stachowski Aye Stavisky Aye Stewart-Cousins
Aye Thompson Aye Valesky Nay Volker Nay Winner
Nay Young