Statement on Governor Cuomo's 2013-14 Budget Proposal

George Latimer

January 22, 2013

'Today, Governor Cuomo put forward his third executive budget proposal that is consistent with the needs of the economy; a budget with no new taxes and a spending increase that is less than 2% above the previous year's budget.  Over the last three years, the budget gap has dwindled, consumer confidence throughout New York has gone up and we have shown that our state provides a ripe climate to conduct business.  We have demonstrated to the taxpayers that we understand their needs and are doing what we need to in order to take the next steps toward a full economic recovery. 

I believe that investing in a quality education that prepares our children for the future should go hand in hand with the economic recovery.  In this budget, Governor Cuomo has shown that he understands what that investment would yield and has taken bold steps towards reforming an education system and preparing for a changing economy.  I look forward to reviewing the allocations for each individual district upon their availability. 

I join Governor Cuomo in his commitment to holding the line on taxes, maintaining fiscal integrity and implementing an innovative and intelligent budget.'