Senator Borrello Calls for Assembly to Continue Impeachment Inquiry to Hold Gov. Cuomo Accountable

ALBANY – Senator George Borrello is calling on the New York Assembly to continue its impeachment inquiry of Gov. Cuomo to hold him accountable for allegations of sexual harassment, his administration’s cover-up of COVID deaths in nursing homes and his improper use of state resources to produce a book about his handling of the COVID crisis.

“While Gov. Cuomo may think he will no longer be held accountable for his actions by stepping aside, we will not forget the countless people he has harmed,” Senator Borrello said. “I’ve heard the voices of my constituents and I share their concerns. We will continue to push for an impeachment to recognize that no one is above the law. Additionally, the impeachment trial should also include a stipulation that he is no longer able to hold elected office in New York State. 

“We cannot forget the thousands who died in nursing homes because of his decisions, the women he demeaned and intimidated and the special treatment the governor and his family members received at a time when our state needed leadership the most.

“The governor must face justice for all those who no longer have a voice and for those who were willing to raise their voices to make sure no one else was harmed.

“I encourage the Assembly to move forward with impeachment proceedings. The governor must be held accountable for his actions.”