Senator Borrello Introduces Resolution to Lift Mask Mandate in NYS

ALBANY – In the wake of the CDC’s new, relaxed guidance on mask mandates, Senator George Borrello has announced that he is introducing a concurrent resolution that would repeal the Executive Order provision requiring mask wearing in public places.

Senator Borrello noted passage of the resolution lifting the mandate is necessary because Governor Cuomo has thus far refused to allow New Yorkers to follow the new guidance from the CDC, which states that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks indoors or out. The Governor has indicated the mask mandate will remain in place while his administration reviews the evidence.

“For more than a year, we have been subject to the often arbitrary and draconian COVID-19 edicts of our Governor. Yet, throughout it all, he claimed that his decisions were driven by science and nothing else,” said Senator Borrello. “Now, with vaccination rates rising and infection rates dropping sharply, the CDC has taken the first step towards eliminating mask mandates, by issuing guidelines that vaccinated people can stop wearing masks in both indoor and outdoor settings.”

“While that news was greeted with enthusiasm and relief when it was announced, that happiness was short-lived here in New York State, when our Governor stated that nothing would change here without his administration’s review and approval,” he added. “Despite his claims that his decisions are purely fact-driven, his reluctance to ‘follow the science’ in this instance reveals what we’ve known all along: that his motives are more about maintaining power and control.”

“The concurrent resolution I’ve introduced would implement a clean repeal of the mask mandate, freeing New Yorkers from a restriction that has prevented us from fully returning to normal daily life. While those who are not comfortable taking this step will still be free to wear a mask, those who are vaccinated, recovered or simply feel it’s not necessary will be released from this rule,” said Senator Borrello. “New York continues to be at the bottom when it comes to the economic recovery. Lifting the mask mandate to better align with CDC guidelines will help us compete and not slip further behind the rest of the nation.”