Statement from Senator Borrello and Assemblyman Giglio on Great Lakes Cheese Project

“A news report in today’s Wellsville Sun indicating that the Great Lakes Cheese Company has decided to forgo the Crossroads site as the location for their $505 million cheese manufacturing facility and pursue other alternatives is a development that was not unexpected, given the challenges of the past several weeks.

“We became involved in this effort approximately two months ago when the issue of eminent domain was raised. Since then, we have been working behind the scenes with company executives and state officials to help resolve some of the complicating issues. We have made progress and will continue to fight to keep this important project in the county.

“At this point, we are involved at the highest levels of state government and have come up with viable solutions that, we believe, offer a solid path forward for the siting of this new plant. Great Lakes Cheese has a long history in Allegany County and is known for its strong commitment to its employees and the community. We will continue to foster collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure this great legacy continues.”