Statement by Senator Borrello on the Cuomo Administration Playing Politics with Vaccination Center in Chautauqua County

“I am outraged by today’s NBC News report that plans by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to locate a vaccination center in Chautauqua County have fallen victim to the Cuomo administration’s brazen political maneuvering.

“While the CDC’s data found that our county’s demographics met their benchmarks for an underserved population, they apparently didn’t mesh with the Governor’s political priorities, who diverted the planned vaccination site to another location. His actions are another slap in the face to rural New Yorkers, whose needs have been consistently ignored by this administration.

“Throughout the COVID crisis, the Governor’s ‘follow the science,’ ‘look at the data’ mantra has been a hallmark of his briefings. He has decried others whom he has accused of putting politics over public health. However, his cold political calculations towards a group of New Yorkers he is supposed to represent is the ultimate hypocrisy.

“I will be working with Congressman Reed and our federal delegation to get this unfair decision reversed.  Today is just one more reminder of why the Senate needs to vote to remove the Governor’s emergency powers, immediately.