Statement from Senator George Borrello on Climate Action Council Final Scoping Plan

ALBANY – Senator George Borrello issued the following statement today in response to the Climate Action Council’s 19-3 vote approving the Final Scoping Plan, the blueprint for achieving the transition to a carbon neutral economy as mandated by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

“With today’s vote by the Climate Action Council to approve the ‘Final Scoping Plan,’ New York State has taken another step away from the affordable and reliable sources of energy that power homes, businesses and automobiles across our state and towards an energy future clouded by unknown costs and questionable benefits.

The core of the Scoping Plan are bans on the most common energy sources used by New York consumers and businesses. Bans on new natural gas, propane and heating fuel oil systems will start as soon as 2025 for new construction and in 2030 for existing buildings. Starting in 2035, consumers will no longer be able to purchase  natural gas, propane or fuel oil appliances for heating, cooking, or clothes drying. Gasoline-powered automobiles will be banned for sale in New York starting in 2035.  These are just a few of the changes coming down the pike for taxpayers and ratepayers in New York.

Left unaddressed in this 445-page plan are the costs of this massive conversion. None of these mandates should move forward until a comprehensive cost benefit analysis is completed and made public. Legislation that I co-sponsor with many of my Republican colleagues would require this. By some estimates, the conversion to all-electric will cost as much as $40,000 per household while others indicate it could be up to $100,000 per household. Leaving New Yorkers in the dark on these costs and many others buried in this plan is simply unacceptable.  

Reducing emissions is an important goal and one that we should continue to pursue. However, our path to that goal should be responsible, achievable and cost-effective. Racing headlong into a complete overhaul of our energy sector without full transparency and clarity on the costs to New York residents and businesses is a dereliction of duty and an economic disaster in the making.

Just as irresponsible is New York’s increasing reliance on importing power from other states and nations to meet New York’s energy needs, while claiming to be pursuing a zero-emission goal. This is nothing but a costly and fraudulent shell game that will not reduce global emissions and may actually increase them.

With a new session just weeks away, we have the opportunity to craft energy policies that make sense for our state, our families and the environment. Let’s make that a goal for 2023.”