Statement from Senator George Borrello on Governor’s Declaration of State of Emergency for Gun Violence

“The Governor’s declaration of a gun violence disaster emergency is a gross abuse of his executive authority and an attempt to politically capitalize on a problem that he helped create.
“Here in New York State, we saw crime rates begin to skyrocket in January 2020, immediately after the horrific criminal justice ‘reforms’ he helped spearhead went into effect. Along with other pro-criminal policies, vilification of our dedicated men and women in law enforcement and efforts to defund police departments, it is no wonder that criminals have been emboldened.  
“Today’s event was nothing more than a publicity stunt and a desperate attempt to remain relevant in a Democratic party that is now led by the radical left.
“The Governor is right about one thing: we need real solutions and immediate action to stem this tide of violence he and his allies have unleashed on the state. However, unless and until we can separate political agendas from public safety, those efforts will be in vain.”