Statement from Senator George Borrello on Mask Mandate Ruling

“From the very beginning of the COVID crisis, I have been among the leading voices in opposition to the unconstitutional mandates emanating from the Executive Branch. This pandemic has been used by those in leadership to suspend the separation of powers, which is a dangerous precedent and one that has been appropriately challenged in the courts.   

“Accordingly, the ruling by a Long Island Supreme Court Justice that the state’s latest mask mandate was ‘promulgated and enacted unlawfully by an Executive branch state agency’ is welcome confirmation of my position and should send a loud and clear message to the Governor that lawmaking by edict must stop.    

“Not surprisingly, the administration has indicated that it will appeal the ruling and the Education Department has announced that, in the interim, the mask mandate will remain in place in New York State schools. However, the foundation of these mandates is clearly unsupportable and I am confident that finding will remain intact as this case goes forward.”