Winner: Chesapeake to Stop Plans for Wastewater Well in Pulteney

George Winner

February 16, 2010

Elmira, N.Y., February 16—The Chesapeake Energy Corporation will formally withdraw its application to the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for an injection well permit in the town of Pulteney, State Senator George Winner (R-C-I, Elmira) said today.

Winner has been in direct contact with company officials to discuss their produced water recycling program and the lack of need for the injection well in the town of Pulteney, as addressed in their February 2nd letter.  Winner has also directly communicated the community’s concerns over the operation of the proposed well.

He said that Chesapeake is withdrawing the application today.

Winner released the following statement:

“I was informed today that Chesapeake Energy is withdrawing its application for an injection well permit in the town of Pulteney.

“It’s the right decision, and I’m pleased that company officials have been more than willing to listen and to give every consideration to the concerns of local leaders and local residents.  On the community’s behalf, I have been in direct contact with company officials over the past several weeks to fully express the community’s opposition, which I share, and to urge the action now underway to put a stop to the project.  I welcome Chesapeake’s willingness to work cooperatively with the many local leaders, and state and federal regulators working to ensure the quality and safety of the long-term opportunities being evaluated and embraced by communities throughout the Marcellus Shale region.       

“Moving forward, I can’t stress enough that our communities will always be best served by a careful, complete, serious, objective, and thoughtful consideration of the future of the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry.”