Senator Greg Ball Issues Statement on the Death of Tina Adovasio, a Victim of Domestic Violence and the Need to Help Those Who Suffer From Domestic Violence

Greg Ball

March 19, 2011

Senator Ball launches a Women’s Advisory Council

Senator Greg Ball (R, 40th District-Westchester/Putnam/Dutchess) issued a statement on the death of a nurse and mother, Tina Adovasio, found murdered in the woods off the Taconic State Parkway after missing four days from her Bronx home.

“This is a terrible tragedy and a horrific act of violence,” Senator Greg Ball said. “My thoughts and prayers go out to Tina’s family. This tragic loss of life has robbed our community of a young, vibrant personality and a dedicated nurse.”

Senator Ball is currently sponsoring legislation which would mandate ankle bracelet monitoring of persons convicted of domestic violence. Ball said, “We must continue to strengthen existing laws in order to ensure that perpetrators are being held accountable for their violence. In the past eight months four women in Dutchess County have fallen victim to domestic violence, as well as a Police Officer John Falcone who, while in the line of duty, was caught in the dangerous cross hairs of domestic violence.”

The Senator has also established a Women’s Advisory Council, where representatives of women’s organizations from throughout Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester County will be advising the Senator on what resources are needed, and what legislation is necessary to improve the welfare of women in the State of New York. The Council discussed many issues related to domestic violence including the need for a support network in place and the need to educate women what services are available to them.

The council, which held its first meeting in the district office on March 17, 2011, discussed various ways they could work with the Senator in his fight against domestic violence. There is a need to make orders of protection more effective and developing programs to educate police officers, hospital staff, judges and all other employees in areas that deal with domestic violence.

“There is no simple answer to 'how can women escape' as they are so ingrained in a cycle of violence. Women who are victims need to recognize the need to leave, we need to validate for them that it's ok to leave, but more importantly they need to where to go & how to get there,” said Chairwoman of the Women’s Advisory Council, Patricia Sutton, R.N. “Awareness of available assistance is priority; they need a place to go that is safe & reliable. Often, people recognize their neighbors or family members are in a violent relationship, but are silent because they don't know what to say or how to help someone get assistance.”